About XOOM Energy Japan, GK

XOOM Energy Japan, GK is the first foreign energy retail company to register with METI. XOOM Energy Japan, GK has been supplying electricity services in the liberalized Japanese electricity market since 2016. We offer residential and small business services throughout Japan, excluding the Okinawa area.

We are aiming to improve customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer service and providing strong customer support so customers can have peace of mind. One of our goals of customer support is to provide not only Japanese language communication, but also English language communication in order to support our diverse customer base. From online enrollment to customer support, billing statements and all customer communications, customers can choose their preferred language.

We are providing high quality customer support to meet customer needs.

About Us


Company Name
XOOM Energy Japan, GK
Kyobashi East Building 9F 2-7-19 Kyobashi
Chuo-ku Tokyo
May 2016
CEO/Managing Director
Yasushi Saito
Paid-in Capital
¥2,187 million
Business Description
Energy Retail Business

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