Conditions for Referrer

Check 1

A referrer must be a current XOOM Energy Japan customer.

Check 2

A referrer must pay their XOOM Energy Japan bill on time. Customers with an outstanding balancing are not qualified to receive this program benefit.

Check 3

Refer 7 or more friends, family or businesses to XOOM Energy Japan by having them fill in your customer referral number(CRN) at the time of their enrollment. 7 or more friends, family or businesses must be in compliance with the rules and conditions below.

Conditions For Referred Customers

Referred Customers
Check 1

Referred customers must enroll with XOOM Energy Japan.

Check 2

Referred customers must enroll with XOOM Energy Japan on their own, providing the referrer’s Customer Referral Number (CRN) at the time of enrollment.

Check 3

''Start Flow Date''* must be assigned to referred customers from XOOM Energy Japan.

Check 4

Referred customers with an ''End Flow Date''* assigned will not qualify as referral.

* ''Start Flow Date'' is the day that customers begin receiving electricity supply from XOOM Energy Japan.
* ''End Flow Date'' is the final day that customers receive electricity supply from XOOM Energy Japan.

Bill Statement

When you switch to XOOM Energy Japan, you begin receiving an energy bill from XOOM Energy Japan instead of your previous energy supplier. (Image to right)


Sample of XOOM Energy Japan bill

Bill Statement

How To Calculate The Credit


The monthly energy bill is the sum of Monthly Base Charge, Energy Charges, T&D kWh Delivery Charge, Energy Cost Adjustment, Renewable Energy Charge and other pertinent charges. Consumption tax is included in these charges.

  • Basic Charge
  • Energy Charges (Tier 1, 2 and 3 charges)
  • T&D Delivery Charge
  • Energy Adjustment Cost
  • Renewable Energy Charge
  • Others

If 7 or more of your referred friends, family or businesses meet the qualification conditions, the amount equivalent to your previous month's energy portion amount (basic charge, energy charges and energy adjustment cost) is eligible for a discount (up to 13,000 yen). Discounts will be applied to the current month's bill.

Example: Components of your XOOM Energy Japan Bill

Sample bill Calculations

Multiple Billing Accounts: If a customer has multiple billing accounts with XOOM Energy Japan

  • The credit will only be applied to billing accounts associated with the customer referral number (CRN) entered by referred customers.
  • The credit will be applied to customer bills in descending order from the highest amount.

Monthly Bill and Credit Flow

  • At the beginning of each month, XOOM Energy Japan will confirm the program eligibility of both the referrer and their 7 or more referred friends, family or businesses.
  • Referrers are eligible to receive a monthly bill credit only when all program eligibility conditions are met. Monthly bill credits will be applied to the referrer’s bill the following month.

For Example: