XOOM Energy Refer-A-Friend Referral Program

How it Works:

We make it simple. You refer 15 of your friends and family members and start receiving a bill credit on your energy bill!

Your monthly energy bill is comprised of several charges including delivery, energy and tax charges. These charges are embedded in the different components presented on your bill, including:

  • Basic Charge
  • Energy Charges (Tier 1, 2 and 3 charges)
  • Energy Adjustment Cost
  • Renewable Energy Charge
The charges displayed on your energy bill include both energy charges (energy portion) and delivery charges. When calculating your monthly bill credit, the delivery portion of your bill will be excluded. Only the energy portion of your bill will be included.

How to Participate:

  1. Refer 15 or more people to XOOM Energy by encouraging them to include your Customer Referral Number (CRN) when they enroll online.
  2. Once you refer 15 or more customers and they start receiving a bill from XOOM Energy, you can earn a credit on your XOOM Energy bill totaling the average of the energy portion of your 15 referral customers’ bills each month they remain a Qualified Customer during the term of the Program.
  3. View your Refer-A-Friend status any time by logging into your MyXOOM Account at myxoomenergy.jp.
  4. Each month you remain a XOOM Energy customer and maintain 15 or more referral customers, you will receive a bill credit totaling the average of the energy portion of your top 15 Qualified Customers’ energy bills! (excludes any delivery charges)

How a Referral Becomes a Qualified Customer:

  1. Customer enrolls with XOOM Energy.
  2. The customer provides your Customer Referral Number(CRN) at the time of enrollment.
  3. The customer is an active customer of XOOM Energy.
  4. The customer pays their XOOM Energy bill on time. If the customers does not pay their bill on time, they will not become qualified again until their account becomes current.

Monthly Bill Statement:

With the liberalization of electricity in Japan, consumers now have the ability to choose their Power Producers and Suppliers, or REU. When they switch, customers begin receiving their energy bill from the REU (XOOM Energy) instead of the utility. When determining your monthly bill credit, only the energy portion of your bill will be included.

This is a sample of the bill you will start receiving once you switch to XOOM Energy.

Bill Credit Calculation:

We take the largest 15 Qualified Customers associated with your CRN and base your monthly bill credit on the average of the energy portion of those Qualified Customers’ bills for that month.

Your bill credit will then be capped at the energy portion of your bill for that month which includes the energy charges associated with the Basic Charge, Tiered Energy Charges and the Energy Cost Adjustment presented on your monthly invoice, excluding any delivery charges. Any delivery charges and taxes will be deducted in order to calculate your monthly bill credit.

Example: Components of your XOOM Energy Bill

Multiple Billing Accounts: If you have multiple billing accounts with XOOM Energy, your bill credit will be applied to all accounts associated with your CRN. Your monthly cap will be determined by the sum of the energy portion of all your accounts. The credit will be applied to your highest bill first and any remaining credit will be applied to your other accounts.

Monthly Bill Credit:

At the beginning of each month, XOOM Energy will determine, based on the criteria above, the total number of Qualified Customers you have maintained for the previous month. If you are a XOOM Energy customer and have paid your monthly invoice on time, plus have 15 or more Qualified Customers associated with your CRN, you are eligible to receive your bill credit! Once your credit is calculated, you will see your bill credit applied to your next month’s bill.

For Example:


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Refer-A-Friend Referral Program FAQs

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